Get certificate

Return details for a specific certificate.


If successful, this endpoint will return a 200 OK status.


One of the following scopes are required to use this endpoint.


The following arguments are supported for this endpoint.

Name Type Default Value

certificate Required

Certificate Lookup None

Potential Errors

The following errors may occur during this request.

Details HTTP status


No certificate was found matching any of the criteria provided in the arguments

404 Not Found


The object found is in the trash and therefore cannot be manipulated through the API. It should be restored in order to run this operation.

406 Not Acceptable

Returned Object

When the request is successful, you can expect an object matching the specification below to be returned.

    certificate: [ Certificate {
        id: String
        name: String
        additional_names: [ String ]
        issuer: IssuerEnum
        state: CertificateStateEnum
        created_at: Unix Timestamp
        expires_at: Unix Timestamp?
        last_issued_at: Unix Timestamp?
        issue_error: String?
        authorization_method: String?
        certificate_api_url: String?
        certificate: String?
        chain: String?
        private_key: String?
    } ]