List virtual machine packages

Returns a list of virtual machine packages.


If successful, this endpoint will return a 200 OK status.


One of the following scopes are required to use this endpoint.


The following arguments are supported for this endpoint.

Name Type Default Value


Provide an organization to only show packages available to the given organization (otherwise only public packages will be displayed)

Organization Lookup None


Integer 1


Integer 30

Potential Errors

The following errors may occur during this request.

Details HTTP status


An organization was found from the arguments provided but it wasn't activated yet

403 Forbidden


No organization was found matching any of the criteria provided in the arguments

404 Not Found


An organization was found from the arguments provided but it was suspended

403 Forbidden

Returned Object

When the request is successful, you can expect an object matching the specification below to be returned.

    pagination: Pagination Details {
        current_page: Integer
        total_pages: Integer?
        total: Integer?
        per_page: Integer
        large_set: Boolean
    virtual_machine_packages: [ VirtualMachinePackage {
        id: String
        name: String
        permalink: String
        cpu_cores: Integer
        ipv4_addresses: Integer
        memory_in_gb: Integer
        storage_in_gb: Integer
        privacy: PrivacyTypesEnum
        icon: Attachment? {
            url: String
    } ]